Copyright Requests

In accordance with Albert Einstein's Last Will and Testament of 1950, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem holds the copyright to all of his writings. All of Einstein's published and unpublished writings are copyrighted to the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. All requests pertaining to the planned publication of materials from Einstein's writings should be sent to the Albert Einstein Archives. Please refer to the following price list.
Users who first publish without permission and only later apply will be subjected to 200% of the herewith quoted prices.

The following price list goes into effect August 1, 2020.

Price list for the use in non-commercial publication:

Item Price in US$
 Photo 200.00 
 Photo on cover of publication   750.00-1500.00 * 
 Reproduction of image of document -600 dpi- (per page for the first page) 100.00 
 Reproduction of image of document -600 dpi- (per page for additional pages) 50.00 
 Copyright (per document) 125.00 
 Quotes (per word) 5.00 with a minimum of 75.00 per quote 

* depends on to what extent the publication focuses on Albert Einstein. Publications whose content is less directly related to Albert Einstein will mandate a higher fee.

Price list for the use in commercial publication:

Please send the details of your request to our office
The price for commercial publications is calculated as a function of retail price, number of copies and percentage of content of licenced material in the publication. The amounts for non-commercial fees mentioned above constitute a minimum and commercial fees cannot fall below them.