Dear visitor,

Corona virus era: We are sorry that in light of the lastest developments we cannot accept visitors as of now.

The Archives will be closed from September 3 to September 29 with some minor expections due to the High holidays. Our staff will be on vacation most of the time and there will be a delay in replying to emails.

The Albert Einstein Archives' website which you are looking at right now ( will be replaced by the end of 2021 by the website. I will inform you on the upcoming change when we get closer to it. After the switch the renewed website will serve as an entry portal to everything Einstein. whose main function is hosting our catalog for the public is currently not available. It should be back by the end of 2021. I will update you about the development on this space.

We are operating the database underlying the catalog as a joint venture with our partner organization Einstein Papers Project (EPP) based in Pasadena, California in cooperation with the Princeton University Press, publisher of the Collected Papers of Albert Einstein. Read more background information about our ongoing close partnership with EPP on our EPP page.

The Collected Papers of Albert Einstein are available online at Digital Einstein Papers. This project has been launched by EPP in partnership with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Princeton University Press, the California Institute of Technology and the Tizra publishing platform in 2014 providing the public online access to all published volumes of the Collected Papers of Albert Einstein.

We are continuously investing huge efforts in improving our database content. We finished adding First Lines, Title and Language to every record (where relevant). We are currently completing the names of all persons relevant to the documents, wether author, receiver or any person mentioned, as well as geographical information (where a document was penned and/or where a letter was sent to).
Additionally, we have added digital images to all of our records. Please note that due to contractual constraints not all images can be viewed by clicking on the record but all images can be requested by email.

As always, if you have suggestions or want to voice your criticism, please feel free to contact me.

Dr. Roni Grosz
Curator of the Albert Einstein Archives, Jerusalem

Last Modified:
August 11, 2021