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The historic press conference held by the National Science Foundation on February 11, 2016 in Washington, DC disclosed what the scientific world was waiting for the last hundert years: confirmed detection of gravitational waves predicted by Einstein in his 1916 article "Näherungsweise Integration der Feldgleichungen der Gravitation".

Read about the background with explanations in a New Scientist article from February 8, 2016.

Our major project that included the replacement and modernization of our archival management system and digitization of our complete collection is now behind us. The digitization of the Archives itself was completed by February 2012. The result of this project can be seen at our renewed website with greatly expanded holdings, thousands of items that can be displayed as digitized objects and a catalog will that will be updated in real time.

The catalog is online since March 19, 2012. The launch and the press conference were extremely impressive. The interest was incredible and the responses great. We are now working dilligently to implement all feedback from our first exposure.

We were undertaking this project as a joint venture with our partner organization Einstein Papers Project (EPP) based in Pasadena, California with whom we are also currently sharing a common database and in close cooperation with the Princeton University Press, publisher of the Collected Papers of Albert Einstein. Please read more background information about our ongoing close cooperation with EPP on our EPP page.

The Albert Einstein Archives' website at which you are looking just now ( will stay on to serve as a window to the physical institution of the archives while the website will serve as an entry portal to the common database. This arrangment may change in the future. We are thinking about how these websites should complement each other.

In 2011 we finished taking inventory, a major undertaking never carried out at the Archives since its inception in 1982.

On December 5, 2014, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, in partnership with Princeton University Press, the California Institute of Technology, and the Tizra publishing platform, launched the Digital Einstein Papers. This project gives the public online access to all the published volumes of the Collected Papers of Albert Einstein.

We are continuously investing huge efforts in improving our database content. We are currently adding First Lines to every record and have covered 87% of our holdings. Check this space for updates. We will also add more digital images in the course of the year 2016.

As always, if you have suggestions or want to voice your criticism, please feel free to contact me.

Dr. Roni Grosz
Curator of the Albert Einstein Archives, Jerusalem

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April 11, 2016

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