The Einstein Papers Project
Find out about the publication of The Collected Papers of Albert Einstein. The historical edition of Einstein's papers, jointly sponsored by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Princeton University Press.

The American Institute of Physics
Visit their online exhibit about Albert Einstein.

Einstein Revealed
Website by NOVA online, providing a penetrating profile of Albert Einstein.

Albert Einstein Online
This site contains many links to other Einstein-related projects on the web.

Albert Einstein Biography
A biography of Albert Einstein from the MacTutor History of Mathematics Archives.

PhysLink - Physics and Astromony
Physics, Astronomy and Engineering - Online Education and Reference

The Official Web Site of the Nobel Foundation
A review of the Physics Prize in the last one hundred years reveals how the prize awarding institution has interpreted Alfred Nobel's intentions.

Jewish-American Hall of Fame
The Jewish-American Hall of Fame's exhibition of coins and medals honoring Einstein from the Harry Flower Collection.